Ralph DiLeone Presents an Overview of Estate Planning for 2012

Ralph J. DiLeone, managing partner at The DiLeone Law Group, P.C., presented an overview of “Estate Planning 2012” at a March 17 event for the board of directors of The Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Raleigh, Inc. DiLeone is a longtime member of St. Raphael the Archangel Catholic Church in Raleigh and presenter on estate planning in the Diocese. Topics discussed at the forum by DiLeone included: • The importance of a will • The distribution of property • The role of the executor • Trusts • Taxable estates • Guardianship Differences involved in each item were discussed in detail as well, such as what separates revocable trusts from irrevocable ones. In his many years of practice, DiLeone has found many people are not aware of or have misconceptions about the basic information regarding wills, so he emphasized that area particularly in his discussion. He review included: • Why wills are necessary • The ease of creating them • How they can be changed • What they protect (your loved ones as well as your property/estate) • The importance of involving a trusted legal professional to handle writing them, especially given the risks of using documents from sources like LegalZoom and other non-lawyers If you or your business or organization have any questions about creating a will or engaging in estate planning, contact Ralph at Ralph@dileone.com or call (919) 791-0900. He will be happy to set up a meeting to discuss the issues involved.