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Employee Terminations – Avoiding Conflict

Termination is a very delicate aspect of employer-employee relations. Employers should take the necessary steps to avoid any conflict that could result in a lawsuit.  The most important step is documenting the decision to terminate an employee.  All documents relating to the dismissal, including a copy of the termination letter, should be presented to the employee in the exit interview.  Such documentation should be kept on file because it may become evidence in any suit brought by an employee for wrongful termination.

Another way to avoid conflict is to lessen the impact of a dismissal. For example, some companies pay an employee for a stated length of time after dismissal.  Such offerings may help alleviate stress encountered by a recently terminated employee, such as money troubles on the employee’s part, and could result in a more amicable separation.

For security reasons, a list should be compiled and given to the terminated employee of all the company’s belongings that should be returned upon termination, such as keys, credit cards, and software.  It is also advisable to seek legal counsel when making termination decisions.  Terminations are difficult for all parties involved.  Each termination should be done with careful consideration and evaluation.

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