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Employee Terminations – Evaluations

If an employer wants the option of terminating employees due to poor performance, the employer should have a process in place that leads up to a decision to terminate.  Upon first offense, the employer should address the problems found via an employee evaluation.  The contents of the employee evaluation should be shared directly with the employee.  Evaluations are positive aspects of employment because they allow the employee to know where their strengths and weaknesses lie. 

Generally, evaluations allow the employee the opportunity to correct their errors and improve themselves.  It is extremely important that the employer document the deficiencies found in any evaluation and that the offending employee receives a written document clearly stating these deficiencies.  Both the employer and the employee should sign the evaluation once it is final.

If the employee’s performance does not improve with evaluation and the counseling that should be given by his or her superior to support the evaluation, the employer should reevaluate the employee for improvements. If there are little to no improvements after all of these steps are taken, then termination may be considered. There is also the possibility that the struggling employee will choose to resign due to incompatibility with the job.