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Here is a list of helpful resources, articles and videos. Please contact us with any questions.

Who Are My Potential Buyers?

One of the key questions we get from sellers is “Where is my buyer going to come from?”

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How do I use my professional advisors?

How do I use my professional advisors? A business that is getting ready to sell needs its own outside team in order to be prepared.

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Critical Process Elements

Is your business ready for transition?  What stage are you in? Ralph briefly discusses some of the Critical Process Elements involved.

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Preparing to Sell a Business

Learn how to prepare to sell your business.

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Questions To Ask When Selling A Business

What business owners should consider before making the decision to sell.

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BYOL Webinar Series- Hiring and Recruiting

View the second webinar in the BYOL series

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BYOL Webinar Series- Business Checkup

Learn about corporate records, annual meetings, contracts, employee agreements and handbooks, social media and trademarks.

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